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Cabinet Spray Painting.

Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets

It is quite common for kitchen cupboards and cabinets to look unappealing with time. The paint may peel off or crumble which can make the kitchen look dull and untidy. You can now secure your kitchen door and cabinets with cabinet spray painting.

At Infinity Coatings, we offer kitchen cabinet painting in Melbourne, our customers can choose a perfect colour scheme that matches the interiors of their space. No matter the problem with your existing kitchen’s layout, we specialise in designing customised solutions to fix any issues related to aesthetics. With refinishing, you can restore your kitchen to its original condition as it is feasible.

Why Hire Our 2 Pack Kitchen Painters?

Cabinet spray painting can help you get a peppy and vibrant look for your kitchen. Infinity Coatings has over 25 years of industry experience, we provide convenient and fast kitchen cabinet 2 pack painting in Melbourne. Let our professional team handle all the painting work for you while you sit back and enjoy the beautification of your kitchen.

Our industry experts work with attention to detail, each of our spray-painting services is designed to add a personalised touch to your kitchen space and improve its overall appearance. We are passionate about what we do, our expertise lies in making old and dull furniture more beautiful and functional.

Our 2 Pack kitchen painters employ high-quality painting products and equipment to perform a thorough painting job. We use Polyurethane paint, which is highly resistant and offers hardened and durable coating.

2 -pack paint will scratch and can chip if mistreated. It will wear like the paint on your car. The greatest benefit of 2- pack paint is that there are no limitations with colours. You can colour match to almost anything. Any 2 pack items that are damaged can always be repaired as the original colour can always be colour matched to and repaired.

2 Pac Kitchen Cabinetry

If you're looking for exceptional 2 Pac Kitchen Cabinetry services, you're in the right place. We offer a complete range of spray-painting services to make your cupboards look new by giving them a flawless finish.

First, the cabinet surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of dust and debris. Our team use durable sheets to protect the walls and other furniture items against paint drops. We are well-equipped with the suitable painting equipment and tools to restore kitchens

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting In Melbourne

Kitchens are one of the most expensive spaces in commercial settings. The kitchen space needs to be fully functional at all times and so are the kitchen cabinets.

Painting kitchen cabinets create an ideal focal point for visitors. Give a refreshing touch to your otherwise monotonous doors and cabinets with the best painting services in Melbourne.

Cost-effectively update your kitchen with spray painting cabinet doors. Adding a new splash of colours to your existing cupboards and give them a new life. At Infinity Coatings, we use durable and long-lasting Australian, and Italian made paints that give flawless results in no time.

If you want to revamp your kitchen, you know where to call. Book a meeting today and our team will take you over the process and help you select the perfect finish and paint colour for your kitchen.