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Glass & Splashback Painting.

    Splashbacks have become a glamorous accessory that can be used in many situations to compliment your home. We can arrange painting or paint and supply plus even an install by our reputable Installer who aims to have a seamless fit.

    Transform Your Splashbacks

    When applied to glass, the 2 pack painting process can create a unique, visually appealing look, often used for decorative or architectural purposes. It provides a high-quality, long-lasting finish that is resistant to scratches, peeling, and weathering.

    It's important to note that 2 pack painting on glass is a specialized process that should be carried out by professionals to ensure proper application and curing, as improper application can result in a finish that does not adhere properly or is prone to damage.

    This type of painting is often used in commercial and residential applications, such as in kitchen splashbacks, bathroom screens, office partitions, or wherever a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish is desired on glass.